Creative Director

Sarah is a motivated and ambitious visionary who thrives when the odds are stacked against her. In her fulltime job in communications at a local church, she finds creative ways to engage individuals with the compelling story of Jesus through visual and written design. Sarah is a quiet soul, but don’t let that fool you. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and is passionate about being bold and fearless even when the opinion needed is an unpopular one. Here at KNOWN, she is the branding guru, crafting and formulating all things aesthetic. Sarah believes imagination is a gift that should often be exercised as a reflection of the creativity in the designs of our Creator.

Sitting in front of a screen is often the window to her most creative outlet, but she still craves the outdoors. Whether it be gazing at the night stars, standing on top of a mountain, or sitting in the summer rain, she finds her peace in nature, surrounded by the blades of grass and accompanied by the wind in her hair. Sarah does her best thinking after midnight and cannot survive without at least one cup of coffee a day and a book within reach. She is an aspiring author of several unfinished novels (likely to stay that way), but she can’t spell a word if not for spell check and autocorrect. If she isn’t speaking sarcastically, then she probably hasn’t said anything. She is the definition of a cat lady, and oh yeah… Sarah is an unwavering believer in Bigfoot.