Executive Ministry Director

Madison is a detail oriented, focused, and inquisitive leader who loves to help others win. In both her full-time administrative job at a local library and her role serving in the worship department at her church, Madison thrives in any environment where she gets to support others and help the team thrive. Here at KNOWN, Madison is the glue that keeps it all together; she is the master of clear, concise, and constructive communication (and alliteration). And she uses her passion for seeing lives change through the transformative work of Jesus in leading The KNOWN Collective (coming soon).

Madison discovered the alternative music scene at a young age, and she doesn’t think there’s anything quite like a song with a good heavy breakdown. She places a high value on community and believes that finding a space where you can feel like you belong is a must. Still, she never misses an opportunity to challenge the rules or dispute the status quo. In her free time, you can find her telling Becca that she needs to take a break from work. Madison lives in the woods in a very pinterest-esque 1960’s camper with her two rescue cats – Maestro and Melody. She is aware that this sounds very cool… so she talks about it as often as possible.